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Assalamu alaikum,

We are still collecting zakat and distributing them in accordance to shariah. Please continue to pay your zakat through Melayu UK.

As of 2014, we can verify that your zakat has reached our account. If you would like us to verify your zakat payment, please write a note and please ensure that your email address is included in the form. Please allow a few days as we are also busy with other commitments.


Ramadhan, spirituality and remembering the poor

Ramadhan is a time when we try to increase our spirituality. It is a time when we endeavour various struggles and determined to be successful in our endevour in our spiritual journey. We can manage with skipping daily routines such as coffee or tea break. We can afford to miss our lunch even during the long daylight hours of summer but yet we are still carrying our daily obligations as normal. In addition to those, we spend more time at night in prayers in search for more spirituality.

Melayu UK Forum

We have now set up a forum for Melayu UK at This forum is NOT a replacement for the Melayu UK Yahoo Groups. Amongst the reasons for the forum are:

1. From time to time the committee members get emails from non-members on various issues. In many cases, the queries are similar apart from being asked by different people at different time. The committee members do not have the time to answer all queries. The forum allows the public to post the questions and any registered user can answer them.

Does God Really Exist?! [Unit Keluarga @ Nottingham]

20/02/2010 14:30
20/02/2010 18:00

Often the belief in God is ridiculed in this society such that those who believe in God are made to feel intellectually inferior to those who believe in the theory of evolution. This session will explore the rational arguments for and against the existence of God in order to establish a sound background in this matter.

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